Lou is an intelligent and intense hunter in the field with a very good nose and the ability to hunt both feathered and furred creatures. She is a confident hunter with the stamina and desire to hunt all day. Lou loves to work and has a very staunch point in the field. Lou shows great enthusiasm in everything she does with a wonderful desire to please. She is a calm and loving pet in the home. Lou passed her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test before she was a year old and earned a 112 Prize I, she will be preparing for her UPT and UT tests summer of 2018. Lou will be retired from breeding beginning of 2022.


Alta comes from exceptional bloodlines, four NAVHDA Versatile Champions from her dam side and elite breeding from her sire Zandor. She has inherited both her sire and dam’s intelligence and intensity in the field, and she has a phenomenal nose. She is a calm and loving pet in the home and loves to work. Alta’s grandmother, Hunting Hills’ Nixie Rae, has the tightest /best hips for the breed in the United States. Alta is the youngest Small Munsterlander in North America to Prize. She ran her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test at four months of age and earned a 98 Prize III.


Milo is our male we imported from the Netherlands summer 2017. He comes from the Chesannehof kennel, a very well respected breeder in the Netherlands. Camilo comes from exceptional bloodlines and both his sire and dam have done very well in their hunt tests and conformation shows. Camilo is a very clever dog, and has been a natural retriever since 10 weeks of age. He has a strong desire to work and has a calm and cooperative temperament. Camilo is one of Tanner's go to dogs to guide with. He has hunted Hungarian partridge, pheasant, ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, quail and chukar in Idaho and various waterfowl.


Eden is the second pup we have imported from the Chesannehof Kennel and are thrilled to have a female pup out of Winter Joy Eline V.D. Chesannehof and Jarda Van Het Izeven. Elyta comes from champion bloodlines and has a very calm and cooperative temperament. She was a natural retriever at a young age and has quite the nose on her. She has proven herself in the field hunting chukar and quail in Idaho, pheasant, Hungarian partridge, ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse and various waterfowl. She continues to prove herself in the field and produce pups that carry her many desirable qualities in the off season.


Fabio comes from a long line of Versatile Champions and his sire is our Dutch import Camilo Matice VD Chesannehof. He is an affectionate dog, with a cooperative temperament and eager to please attitude. He is an attentive dog, always keeping his eyes on you and has been this way since the early weeks of his life. He is a natural retriever and is always packing something around in his mouth. Fabio is a handsome male with a full cape and masculine features. He ran his NAVHDA NA test summer of 2021 and will run his UPT summer of 2022.


Vespa is a female pup we kept from our "G" litter. Her sire is our Dutch import, Camilo Matice VD Chesannehof. Her dam is the Swedish import, Grasidingens Myla Ylasdotter. She is an affectionate pup with a cooperative attitude. We like to call her little wasp or pig pen as she is always the dirtiest out of the kennel. Vespa will ran her NAVHDA Natural Ability test summer of 2021 and will run her UPT summer of 2022. She will also be one of the dams for our planned litters in 2022.


Robingun's Zaza is our newest addition to the kennel. She is an affectionate pup with a big personality. She is a natural retriever and can usually be seen around the house or yard with something in her mouth. Her sire Ribston, is a Swedish import with with bloodlines out of Swedens top kennel (Quorum's Kennel) His pedigree has numerous dogs that have earned some of the top National and International hunt test scores and conformation titles.
Zaza ran her NAVHDA NA test summer of 2021and earned the maximum of 112 Prize I. We can't wait to see how this girl develops!


Iris is a female we kept back from our "I" litter out of Robingun's Cindy Lou Who and a Danish import called Vito. She is a calm, affectionate pup with a natural desire to retrieve from 10 weeks of age. We have high hopes for her as a hunting dog as well as replacing her dam as a breeding female in our kennel when Lou retires in 2022. Iris ran her NAVHDA NA test summer of 2021, and earned herself a 110 Prize I.

Bona Belle "Teka"
Bona Belle "Teka"

Teka is a female from our B litter out of Robingun's Cindy Lou who and her sire is the German import Zandor vom Fuchseck. She is an affection dog with a great nose for feather or fur, on land or in water. She has a beautiful staunch point and is a methodical hunter like her Dam. She ran her NAVHDA NA at 14 months of age earning a 112 Prize I and will be running her UPT summer of 2020. She is owned by Janice Shymka and Roy Jones.


Robingun’s Cindy Lou Who

Whelped on 5-16-14

Reg # 14051605KlM

Colour: Brown & White Roan

Height: 20.75”      Length: 22.5”

Weight: 45lbs

NA 112 P1 at 12 months of age

PennHIP 0.32/0.30

Sire:   VC Lakewood’s Augustine Altman

NA 112 PI UT 204 PI Invitational 197 Pass

OFA SMU-120G27M-VPI Good

Dam: Hunting Hills; Nixie Rae

NA 112 PI UT 201 PI

PennHIP 0.17/0.17

Four Point’s Alberta Bound

Whelped 4-17-16

Reg # 16041608KIM

Colour: Brown Roan

Height: 20”     Length: 21.5”

Weight: 45 lbs

NA 98 PIII at 4 months of age UPT 138 PIII

PennHIP 0.38/0.39

Sire: Zandor vom Fuchseck

NA 106 Prize I at 9 months

UT 192 Prize II at 20 months

VJP 68 points

PennHIP 0.23/0.19    KlM-D HD- A

Dam: Robingun’s Cindy Lou Who

NA 112 PI

PennHIP 0.32/0.30

Camilo Matice V.D. Chesannehof (Milo)

Whelped 5-3-2017

Reg# NHSB30820KIM

Colour: Brown Roan

Height: 19.5″   Length: 22″


NA 112 PI  UPT 162 PIII  UT 172 PII

PennHIP 0.27/0.32

Sire: Munsterkullens Riddar Kato

SKK 20657/2011 HD A


Dam: Morgan Matice V.D. Chesannehof

NHSB2829463 HD A


Elyta Wyatt V.D. Chesannehof (Eden)

Whelped 01-13-2018

Reg # NHSB31092KIM

Colour: Brown/White

Height: 21″   Length: 22.8″

Weight: 52 lbs

NA 101 PII at 7 months of age  UPT 132 PIII

PennHIP 0.30/0.29

Sire: Jarda Van Het Izeven

N.H.S.B 2869256 HD AIMP

(BELG.) LOSH 1083680 NJK


Dam: Winter Joy Eline V.D. Chesannehof

NHSB 2995893 HD A

W.16, NJK.16, VJP., HZP., VGP I

Four Point’s Fabio

Whelped  3-14-2020

Reg # SM-005411

Color: Roan

Height: 22″    Length:  24

Weight:  52 lbs


PennHIP  Not yet x-rayed

Sire: Camilo Matice VD Chesannehof

NA 112 PI  UPT 162 PIII  UT 172 PII

PennHIP 0.27/0.32

Dam:  Amarah On The Fly

NA 112 PI at 9 months of age

UPT 162 PIII at 16 months of age

PennHIP  0.36/0.28

Four Point’s Good Luck Charm (Vespa)

Whelped  03-19-2020

Reg #SM005500

Color: Brown/white

Height:  19.5″   Length:  22″

Weight:  40 lbs

NA 108 PII

PennHIP  0.23/0.20

Sire: Camilo Matice VD Chesannehof

NA 112 Prize


UT 172 PII

PennHIP 0.27/0.32   

Dam:  Grasidingens Myla Ylasdotter


PennHIP 0.25/0.21

Robingun’s Zaza

Whelped 09-27-2020

Reg # SS21446401 AKC

Colour: Brown/White

Height: 19.5″  Length: 24″

Weight: 44 lbs

PennHIP not yet x-rayed

Sire: Ribston

SE30013/2017 KlM

NA 108 Prize II age 13 months

PennHIP: 0.30/0.29

Dam: Robingun’s Imri Juwel

17040904 KlM

NA: 112 prize I at 13 months of age

PennHIP: 0.28/0.34

Four Point’s Iris A Bloom

Whelped 12-28-2020

Reg #SM-005823

Colour: Roan

Height: 20″  Length: 23″

Weight: 36lbs

PennHIP not yet x-rayed

Sire: Vito


NA 103 Prize II

PennHIP: 0.41/0.36

Dam: Robingun’s Cindy Lou Who

#14051605 KlM

NA: 112 prize I

PennHIP: 0.32/0.30

Four Point’s Bona Belle (Teka)

Whelped 6-21-17

Reg # 17062106KIM

Colour: Roan

Height: 22”     Length: 24”

Weight: 45lbs

NA 112 PI at 14 months

PennHIP 0.19/0.21

Sire: Zandor vom Fuchseck

NA 106 Prize I at 9 months

UT 192 Prize II at 20 months

VJP 68 points

PennHIP 0.23/0.19    KlM-D HD- A

Dam: Robingun’s Cindy Lou Who

NA 112 PI

PennHIP 0.32/0.30